Windrop.NET - Welcome

Welcome to the temporary home page for the Windrop.NET IRC bot for the Microsoft.NET framework. This is a temporary page because I can do MUCH better web design. For now, designing a good webpage is not in my priority. I prefer to spend my time coding the bot.


March 17, 2002: Update to the page.

March 16, 2002: First release of the bot and the webpage goes online. That is pretty much what anyone should expect from a young project.

Project members



Those are the people that answered my call for tester on the alt.irc.* newsgroups and on the SourceForge project page. I don't know much about them but they are the ones that will send me the first feedbacks about my project.

Thanks to all of them!




I have no documentation written yet but as soon as I have some I'll put it on this page.


Authentication module

IRCAuthBasic.DLL Basic authentication module. Identify an IRC user using his hostmask and his nick. Supports multiple hostmasks for a single nick and also include an access level field that is not currently used.

General module

IRCPrivCommands.DLL: Allow internally registered commands to be used on IRC through private message to the bot.
IRCCTCP.DLL: Replies to CTCP PING and CTCP VERSION. More CTCP events will be implemented soon.
IRCControlGUI.DLL: Basic GUI that sits in the system tray, allowing basic control of the bot on the host system. Doesn't not work as expected for now. I do not recommend it's use.